Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am happy to announce that Grace's assassination attempt failed.

Today I took Grace with me to the Running Meetup that I enjoy on Wednesdays and even though it had rain and hailed earlier that day prompting me to over dress it was sun shiny by 6pm.

We were running along the roadside when we headed over a bridge and Grace got nervous of how close the cars were. There is a delicate balance between runner and dog that relies on the participants knowing where the other is at ALL TIMES.

Well Grace decided that the cars were to close to her and that she should move to my other side which seems Innocent enough...
Instead she changed sides to close and my foot hit her which caused me to pitch forward tripping over my own feet almost causing me to stumble into the very car she had been trying to avoid.

It's a weird feeling to know exactly how much getting hit by a car hurts...If I had hit the car it would have hurt but mostly just messed my shoulder up.

I can not tell you how annoyed I would have been if I had hit my knee and screwed it up three weeks before my marathon...the first race I have ever actually trained for.

Unspeakably annoyed.

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