Thursday, May 27, 2010

I took my pracitce test for Ice skating today...I will be testing into Gamma 1
Squee! that much closer to learning the cool stuff!

The instructor showed us the skills we will be working on in Gamma

the Mohawk

3 Turn

Hockey stop

For a second I was wanting to lean them before the test so I could be even closer to the "cool stuff"!

I'm pretty sure that's a pipe dream but I still might give it a try.

I have to figure out how to work the summer session...the first three weeks I am out of state. I might see if they will let me go to another class for the first week and double up towards the end of the session...they can only say "no" right?

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Mary Ann said...

I hope it works out.

I admit, I'm worried about ice skating injuries getting in the way of your marathon. Maybe that's my job in the family--to worry about everyone elses' sports-related injuries.