Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love ice skating!

Six weeks ago I signed up for some iceskating lessons, because, well I wanted to learn some tricks :) It turned out that even though I thought I was pretty solid on the ice, I needed to learn some more foundation skills before they would let me move ahead.

So far I have learned these skills:

Forward stroking (I already knew this one)
Forward crossovers
backward crossovers (I did not know these and have been feeling like I was going to pitch forward onto my face at any second)
Snowplow stop
right side stop
left side stop
Right T-stop
Left T-stop

I'm hopping to be able to test into the Gamma 1 level- which in addition to learning the following skills, it would also get me that much closer to learning TRICKS!

Beg. Fwd Outside 3- turn
Beg inside mohawk
R foot
L foot
Hockey stop

Other than the "Hockey stop" I don't think I know what these skill are :)


Matthew said...

How can a skill simply be called "Left"?

Terra said...

It means it has to be done on the Left as well as Right side.

Dad said...

I know how to do a lot of tricks on ice skates! Each one involves bouncing off the ice and tumbling in unpredictable directions. They also cannot be reproduced and each is unique in character.