Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new dress

I'm pretty glad I bought a new dress pattern while at Mary Joe's in Gastonia, because after three weeks of wearing the same thing I'm ready for a change.

Unfortunately I didn't find any fabric I wanted to make the dress out of. It's true- I was in one of the larges fabric warehouses in the Carolina's and couldn't find once piece of fabric I wanted to make a dress out of.


Now I have to try and find some fabric in Seattle...we shall see how that goes.

The dress is going to be made from a Vintage Vogue pattern from 1957. I think I will look good in it and that it is with in my skill set. I'll post a photo of the pattern as soon as I get home and find my card reader.

I'm thinking something in a nice Kelley green print of some kind.
This dress is for Justin's wedding and the wedding party color is pale yellow so I think I'll stand out while blending nicely.

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