Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday I took Grace with me to my Club Oly run. Afterwards as I was going through our whole routine of coming inside (she has to sit before I open the door, wait for me to enter first and then sit again inside for me to take her leash off) she kept standing up and pulling on the leash as I was trying to take it off of her.

I could figure out why but suspected that it was because Jason was in the living room and since she loves him more than me, she wanted to go show him just how much. Imagine my surprise when we finally managed to get through the sitting and such and she took off in the opposite direction as Jason. It turns out that she wanted to check and make sure Spock hadn't played or touched or whatever she thinks he's going to do, with her soup bone.

That bone is her most treasured possession. She carries it around the apt and makes sure Spock doesn't get near it. Unlike her food bowl I never have seen him show the least interest in the bone so I"m thinking her paranoia is unfounded.

It does surprise me that a dog would remember exactly where she put an object hours ago...and want to check on it.

In other news I'm thinking of seeing what it would take to get Grace in a Therapy Dog program. The kind where the dog visits old people and children in hospitals.


Jason Heilpern said...

When were you going to talk to me about this?

Terra said...

I guess right you have a problem with it? It seems wierd if you do.