Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm on my way...

Because I figured making my dress for Emily's wedding turned out so well I went out and bought a new pattern for a new dress. I was really looking for new fabric for the old pattern with some adjustments in mind, but was unable to find fabric that I liked.

I have since bought two bolts of fabric, neither I'm really IN LOVE with but both sholdn't be ugly. I even cut the apttern out of it's tissue paper today. Tomorrow I plan on cutting the pattern out of one of the fabrics. There are some adjustments to the pattern I would like to make and have decided that practicing on the cheaper of the two fabrics is probably a good idea.

On this project I will be attempting "Inverted Pleats"! It is a feat I have never attempted before and have never even seen done.

So, it should be a good show.

In other news today I figured out why all I've wanted to eat were frozen pot pies.

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