Friday, August 13, 2010

Turns out I'm boring.

Blogging really illastrates how dull a life can be.

My "big" news is that I passed my Gamma 1 test and into the Delta 1 class in my ice skating class.
I was worried because I knew before starting that I would miss 3 classes due to Emily's wedding and my subsiquent visit to NC. Then when I got home I managed to mis-read the website and missed the fourth class as well. (I thought it was at 10:30 but in reality class was 9:30am). In order to pass my class and not be left behind by the 12 year old I started taking individual classes to supliment my ice time. I took lessons from my first session teacher (whom I'm hopping to get for next session). I really like her as a teacher, she is really enthusiastic and makes me feel like I'm awesome even though I know she teaches better students.

I am planning on continuing my lessons during the break between sessions and HOPE to be able to pass off Delta 1 & 2 at the frist class so I can start Freestyle 1 where I will learn the cool stuff.

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