Sunday, April 03, 2011

what's up...

Well, I've cleaned up my project room, much to Jason's disbelief! The house we are renting is 1800 sqf with three bedrooms, so we both get our own room for what ever we want. What he wants is a bunch of geek stuff on the walls and what I want is my sewing machine, Serger, egg stuff, art stuff, photo restoration stuff and regular computer stuff set up at the same time.

So, it's been rather cluttered to say the lest.

It's kind of surprising (not really) to see how many future projects I have going right now. Sewing seems to be my new focus...and yarn.

I made a yarn shop on and listed some of the up cycled yarn I've been producing. I've even sold a couple of skeins.

I'm almost done with the dress portion of the blessing dress and will be starting the embroidery the beginning of next week.

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Matthew said...

pics or it didn't happen. I demand evidence of this allegedly cleaned room.