Wednesday, March 30, 2011

whats up

So it's no secret that Jason has been having a hard time with his boss. His boss is pretty bi-polar and has under valued Jason's contributions to the company and expresses those feelings by screaming at Jason and calling him names in private and in front of other employees.

He's just precious.

So jason turned in his notice and is now looking for a new job. We hope to be able to stay in Olympia but who knows. Right?

All this has put summer plans in question. There are a lot of un answered questions about what's going to happen so it's hard to commit to anything. I was looking at goign out to NC for Isabella's babtism as well as Michigan for Brian's wedding but we might nto have the finaces, or I might be working and therefore not have the vacation time available.
Everything is just kind of up in the air right now. I hate "up in the air".
Oh, and I can't sleep.

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