Wednesday, April 13, 2011

yup it would be.

I"m tempted to write something inflammatory just to see if anyone actually reads this. You know do a controlled experiment to see how long it took anyone to respond to a statement like..."I'm pregnant".

By calling it a controlled experiment it gives it more value than pointing out that doing something like posting "I'm pregnant" is completely infantile and one of the stupidest "pranks" out there.

Just blame it on science.


Mary Ann said...


You must have taken the password off your blog because my google reader gave me 23 NEW and VERY funny blog posts from you today--loving it, Terra!

Matthew said...

I'm so happy for you! Who is the father?

Terra said...

Yeah, Matt told me he wasn't getting any notifications and we figured it had to do with the password and google reader not liking each other:)

I decided to go the Christian route and tell everyone it's god.

(if you hear of my getting hit by lighting for that joke it proves -even to you-there really is a god right?)

Matthew said...

Only if you believe in Zeus.