Friday, April 15, 2011


I can't sleep so I'm checking everyone's blogs...

And looking at some older photos of people the thought occurred to me...

What's it like looking like your getting older? For example if I look at photos of my sister and brother in law they look different in their wedding photos than they do now. The look really young and it's clear that years have gone by and they've lost some of their baby face.

The truth is I look pretty much the same now as I did at 18 years old. My hair is a different length and color but other than that (and my horrible fashion choices) I have to check the date on the photo to know how old I was. I look the same.

It's weird and I think gives me a stilted view of the passage of time.
It must also be hard on all the normal folk who have to see themselves get older while I stay beautiful and young off the life forces of those around me bwhahahah!

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Matthew said...

Remember those times you've been hit by a car? It feels like that.