Saturday, May 21, 2011


I really suck at this blogging thing...I AM really good at whining when other people don't update regularly- I guess we all have our talents.

I guess the biggest thing on my horizon is Brian's wedding. and the week after...and the week after that!

The tickets are just SO expensive and then the week after in MI is directly over Club Oly Running's Fall Marathon Training. After a week hanging out with maybe Justin and Angie, and Brian and Katie (at least for a few days) We drive 14 HOURS to NC.

I think I might die. On the upside I do still have those sleeping pills, which are super strong. On the down side I think I'm supposed to help entertain Emmeline for at least a portion of that hellaious drive. If I fall asleep, she'll probably barf on me as my punishment.

It might still be worth it.

Then another week in NC which honestly shouldn't be too bad, unless we're all so sick of each other by then that we aren't on speaking terms. Isabella is getting baptized and I really want to be there for that!

I can't figure out how to get enough support for my 10K program AND Marathon Training Program that I'm supposed to help with while I'm out of town for the first 2.3 weeks of the program!


Also, after today's Marathon Training Meeting I have really lost a lot of enthusiasm for this project. It's like they figured out all the fun exciting parts and decided they just can't do that.

It sounds like they're planning on limiting the program to 50 people! which is retarded because last year there were 40 odd registered people but I NEVER saw more than 20 at any of the long runs. The way I figure it, is there will be a certain amount of drop outs, or people who just miss different long runs and we should have a field that figures that into the number of people.

It's not like they want to offer one on one coaching or anything. All they're talking about is sticking water out on the course, which we have to do no matter the number of people who sign up.

They don't want to be "too successful"

(Other than they kind of suck and are totally lame)

THe bigger question is of course, "How can I do everything I want to do this summer?"

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