Sunday, May 29, 2011

I can't sleep...ever.

I haven't had a good nights sleep in almost two weeks.

My friend Amy says it's because of p90x...she might be right. OR my insomnia is back and poking me just for fun.

I can GET to sleep O.K, I just can't STAY asleep.

If Jason moves even slightly, I wake up.
If Grace snores, I wake up.
If Jason breaths on me, I wake up.
I wake up every morning around 6am for no reason, SURE I've overslept for something. (On this matter i blame the constantly overcast sky, it's impossible to tell the time, based on how bright it is outside.)

I can't seem to get a decent nap in, because I either can't fall completely asleep, or after 20 minutes I wake up again...for no reason.

I also have to be careful with napping because it can mean that I can't get to sleep that night either...blegh. I think I'm going to break open the prescription sleeping pills I forgot I had. I don't use them not because they don't work, because they REALLY do...and I can't use them if I want to be at all alert for the entire next day.

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