Friday, March 18, 2005

A letter for me? you shouldn't have.

I got a letter yesterday. No, not junk mail, a real letter with a hand written address.
Yeah, for Terra! Right? The thing is, is that since Jason came home my mail quotient has gone down considerably so it was out of the ordinary. Then I saw who it was from…
My mother… and it was address to:
Terra Perkins (and Jason Heilpern)
I have to admit that when I saw that I felt a moment of panic!
What had she written that she couldn’t just call and say?
Why is it address to both of us?
Yes I held it up to the light- if felt kind of heavy- it could be alive or something! She must have sent something so horrible she didn’t want to actually utter the words!
(I’m going to just say right here- my panic level has gotten much more sensitive in the last couple of years and I can jump from a sunny day with little birds singing in the trees to “red alert” in about .5 seconds.)
My roommate and I get along great and we have often said how much our mothers are alike, so when I asked her what she would think if she received the same type of envelop, how would she react? She agreed she would be nervous as well.
I carefully opened my yet to be determined dangerous letter, slowly. Cautiously edging out the corner of the letter inside and discovered…
My mother is going sky diving.
Which is actually really cool, I’ve wanted to go for years!
Yes I used to be afraid/cautious of heights but when I was sixteen I made a list of things I wanted to do before I died and sky diving was on that list. I can produce said list, if anyone doesn’t believe me.
MY mother is going sky diving!
My MOTHER is going sky diving!
My mother is going SKY DIVING!
Oh, and she wants me to donate some money to the charity function that is hosting the event.

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Bonnie said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm! I have to admit, I knew the appearance of the envelope would probably cause some consternation but I didn't mean to terrorize you! Anyway, if you know anyone you might be able to coerce into donating please feel free to copy the form. It is for a very good cause that is "dependent on the kindness of strangers" to provide services for those who are victimized. Any amount of support will be greatly appreciated.