Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fun Run

In my frantic rush to be ready when Dad came to get me I remembered to throw my work out back into the pile of bags going to N. Augusta with me (only four this time!). I figured that dad would want to work off some steam.

I was right.

Saturday came and Dad asked if I wanted to run and I said “sure!”
So we changed clothes and headed out the door.

Side bar: Last week I went running with Megan and Dad and completely bombed. I had to walk for the hills and they actually stopped and came back for me because I was so far behind.

Main story:
We are running on the Greenway right by Nana’s house and it’s beautiful. It started out a little cold so I had put on my awesome new t-shirt that my friend Shellie gave me that reads “Caution Un-socialized Homschooler” on the front.
I love it!
Off we go! We are running along enjoying the break… then we hit the turn-around point where the rest of the route is slightly uphill. Something you should know is that for some reason when I run uphill I pick up speed, rather than slowing down like you would think. We don’t understand why, I just do.
Dad and I are running along and he mentions I’m going fast than I was so I slow down but twice more he mentions that I seem to be going faster than I need to be. This is where it gets a little ridiculous because I was trying my hardest to keep up with him. I’ve been hearing all these stories of the great pace he and Megan have been running at break all sorts of Personal Bests and coupled with my pansy performance last visit I felt like I have to keep up to not loose face.
We got to the half way mark and I just tell Dad I can’t keep up this pace and I’m having a little trouble breathing because my body seems to think this is a god time to play “I’m allergic to pollen” and my calf is cramping, so we pull up and head home.

On the way dad mentions I was really setting a fast pace and he was working hard to keep you with ME! I had to laugh and come clean that I was trying to keep up with HIM! I think we need to work on our communication skills, what do you think?


Demanda said...

I would be passed out from lack of oxygen before I could admit that I couldn't keep up with my dad.

Matthew said...

That is one great t-shirt! I want one. Speaking of t-shirts I want to get your opinion on a certain shirt for a certain undisclosed family member the next time we chat.

Jonas said...

When I was about 15 your dad took the scouts on a 50 mile bike ride. I was in the pack. I barfed trying to keep pace with him. He was so nice though, he came all the way back and rode back with me at my very slow pace. I was of course the last one to finish.

Mrs. K said...

They are sold on this web site as well. I really want to get the bumper sticker one! "Caution Unsocialized Homeschoolers aboard"

Enjoy :)