Thursday, August 04, 2005

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

I must say that my confidence really started to grow when after arriving the Stake president couldn't' find my paper work.
After watching him root around in his brief case and desk for about 5 minutes he decided that he must have left it at home.
Well in that case everything is all better isn't it?
He remembered that he needed to ask about a date... but couldn't remember which one...
So I gave him all the dates I could remember off the cuff (if he needed a date wouldn't it have been wise to share this information with me before I came?)
he has also decided that he would feel much better about the paper work if we had a letter from Marcus. Yes, four months after starting this process and telling them from the beginning that if the letter would be a problem I would call the loser myself and get one (and being told not to bother) I am calling the loser and getting the letter myself.
from what I could tell, my bishop didn't document his efforts to get a hold of Marcus that well and now it doesn't look like we showed "Due Process of Notification".
So right after this, I am writing a letter for Marcus to sign, emailing it to my friend in SLC who will take it to the Marriott for his "John Hancock" - and then she is going to overnight/priority the sucker back here so that this fiasco can be mailed with in the week the Stake President promised me.
I would like to point out that I was nice to him through the whole ordeal, I didn't say much but I didn't say anything mean either.
I will wait until after it's in the mail to explain how I feel to the parties involved.


Anonymous said...

You'd probably get more attention if you just moved in together:)

Josh said...

you hijacked my next post title!

Terra said...

I thought about telling them something like "oh, never mind we decided god must just not want us to be sealed so we're going to just get civily married. OK?"
how many stories have you heard that talk about an active member not getting any visiting teaching but once they go inactive everyone stops by to tell them how much they love them?

Terra said...

we can share Josh (unless you are trying to get a sealing cancelation as well) :)

Matthew said...

Very good for not snapping at him. He does seem to be rather disorganized though. Also, it seems like everything that happened could have been conducted over the phone or by email... Does he have a stake clerk? Maybe it would help if you organized things through him.

Terra said...

he does have a clerk- he has requested that we not try and schedule things through him.

Matthew said...

Well, scheduling is supposed ot happen through the executive secretary, so that would be reasonable for scheduling. The clerk should handle the paperwork.