Thursday, August 04, 2005


I emailed the letter to Melissa, who took it over to the Marriott for him to sign.
Both of us figured he would be a bit defensive and difficult to get to sign the paper.
What happened was that Melissa didn't recognize him until he looked up and greeted her (nicely) and asked how she was doing. She had been all nervous and so she just jumped in with "I need you to sign this." and gave him the letter.
It turns out that he signed a letter a weekend a half ago.
so she told him that if he would please sign the letter than this was the last he would have to deal with anything concerning me again and that it would all go away.
he got teary eyed and said he didn't want to sign.
and then he took the paper and signed it.
Melissa said it was awful and she felt like she went up and kicked a dog.
While Marcus has always been a lier- he has always worn his emotions on his sleeve. If he was sad you knew it, mad you knew it... So neither one of us think he was fakeing being upset. I think he really did think I wasn't going to ever get re-married (a statement he made during counceling). It's also a littler wierd because Marucs isn't active at all, but he seems to care if we are sealed. When I told Jason this he asked me if I cared if we stayed sealed.
No, I don't want to be sealed to Marcus- I have often taken comfort in the fact that since Marcus wasn't a worthy member even if we both died I wouldn't be sealed to him.
Melissa has taken a copy of the letter and sent it out in the mail to Pres Sigg.


megan said...
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Matthew said...

Yeah, Marcus is a odd duck. Given all the time I spent out there, I suppose that next to you, I am the member of the family who knows him best. For whatever that means.. Front row seats for that exciting maelstrom.

That being said, I am a little puzzled by Jason asking you if you wanted to stay sealed to another man. First, why would you possibly want to stay sealed to someone who made the kind of choices Marcus made? Second, I think it's pretty clear that you want to be sealed to Jason. Sooooo... Why would Jason need to ask you what you wanted? All this probably comes from the fact that out of the whole family, I may well know Jason the least. I've got seats in the nose-bleed section for this one. I can just barely see tiny people moving around down on the field.

Terra said...

I asked him that question last night when we had more time to talk- he said he was more comfortable with Marcus being the jerk rather than hearing about his more human reactions. He (Jason) also just likes to hear that I really do wnt to marry him.

Josh said...

yeah, i was wondering what jason thought of that reaction... and so was megan, but her totally valid comment was deleted by the "blog administrator." i don't know jason that well either, but it seems like a courteous thing to ask. i mean even if he knew the answer, i think he's trying to make sure terra's ok with everything. it seems like everything has to be just so with terra or you'll get deleted and jason doesn't want to get deleted.

Matthew said...

Chumming the water are we?