Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yesterday I wrote this cute little post on jumping on the trampoline this past weekend and how we were allowed as children to do that because Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) were sure trampolines were a nefarious birth control plot devised by Planned Parenthood.
Also explaining that we had been allowed anyway until megan bounced one of the neighbors off and broke her ankle.

(in her defense- and I'm not saying she did it on purpose-Brandie was really obnoxious and anyone would have done the same and been given a parade for it.)

anyway- I wrote it yesterday but when I went to publish it the website didn't accept it, and it has been lost in the dark world of the "internets".

So now you get this version.

We were all up at Mom and Dad's neighbors house trespassing and playing on all the equipment they have- 130 foot slide, sand box, jungle gym...

And trampoline!
the forbidden fruit of childhood..."If you play on that, in that day you will surely die..."
Megan broke line first-
Quickly followed by yours truly :)

To be honest, it's not like we were really living it up. Since we hadn't jumped on one in so long we felt we were flying, when we were all of two feet in the air.

In addition to hearing the echoes of parental warnings in our head we received a
re-fresher course from the source.
"90% of knee injuries happen on trampolines"
"careful of Isabella she is breakable- her little arms especially"
By this time she had joined us and we were have a grand time bouncing her carefully,


Matthew said...

Wearing differnet color socks? =)

What are you saying is going to break?

Terra said...

I copy Katie- plus I just don't want to match my socks, so I throw them into a drawer and pull two out when I get dressed.

I am saying that I don't want her little neck to break- with all the bouncing her head was jerking around so I was holding her head still.

megan said...

we weren't tresspassing. they had permission. it was realy annoying to have mom and dad lecturing us though. isabella loved it.

Bonnie said...

May I point out that Isabella and I had already enjoyed two visits to the trampoline without either of you. Dad's concern was that with each additional jumper, the liklihood of injury rises exponentially. Two large flying objects and one very small free flying one was NOT SAFE!

megan said...

like terra said. we were two feet high max.