Monday, October 31, 2005

Beam Me Up Scottie

Jason and I are going to Boone for my Birthday weekend this year and while we are up there, I will be giving Scottie a bath (probably several) and we will be bringing him back with us- apparently he is my birthday present from Mom and Dad this yearJ
Jason and I were discussing how our schedule would change after he joins us- Jason is used to family dogs being kept on the porch while family is out or not wanting to play- I’m not really used dogs being inside dogs, but that’s what Scottie will be for the time being- so that means we have to get up earlier so that he can be walked before we leave for work, as well as making time during the day and at night.

I did just realize that my friend Shellie who lives just around the corner has a fenced yard with a chocolate Lab (with oddly pit bull features =)) that I’m hopping will get along with Scottie so that I can incorporate a walk over to see Shellie and let them play while we catch up. I’m also curious to see how Scottie and Fred get along and am secretly hopping that Scottie gets on Jason’s nerves as much as Fred does mine (I miss the little bugger when he’s gone but MAN is he LOUD in the morning!)

I’ve had Scottie since I was 14 (He’s pushing 13 years old) and he was actually a “family dog” in the beginning but as was usually the case he became mine. All the animals seemed to become mine somehow, I guess in part because I wanted to be Vet and took care of them and read all the (grossly out of date) vet books at the library.
Twelve years old and I was reading anatomy books from the adult section.
Also because I fed them and they would come to me when I called- except Hobbes, who answers to no one, horrid cat that he is.

Anyway, we will soon have a 60-pound dog in a 1-bedroom apt- hijinks will soon ensue.


katperkins said...

Hobbes likes me. I don't really know what that means exactly. I would like to point out, however, that it's not exactly like we all begged for Scottie and then shunned him. Mom just brought him home one day. And he was an exceptionally irritating dog. Have fun with that bath. I think I gave him his last one in July. Plus I think it'll be pretty cold for a dogbath.

Matthew said...

Come to think of it, that's pretty much how mom handled that old Audi we bought too. On another matter, I take credit for being the first one to get the cat prohibition lifted. Small victories....

Mrs. K said...

Please follow the link below to see pictures of the Chocolate Lab- that Terra insists is actually a pit bull, and vote for what breed you think she is. Note: the pictures are links to the sites I pulled them from- with the exception of the one taken by Terra.


Terra said...

Shellie, you know I was just kidding about Genny, right?
Although I did notice the sneeky way all the labs are brown and all the pitts are light :)

Melissa said...

I like Shellie's dog! She looks exactly like the beatiful American Lab that she is! I've wanted Chocolate Lab that looks like her for a long time. I'm not a fan of English Labs with their long narrow heads.

Mrs. K said...

Thank you!