Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat?

Not my favorite holiday, but then again, I don’t really like holidays to begin with- stores start decorating WAY to soon, so that I’m sick of it before it even gets here. Deadlines to be ready come and go with no consideration of whether or not I’m ready yet.
But Jason, LOVES Halloween. He loves dressing up, he loves hiding in plain site to scare trick or treaters at his parents house- which was in fact where he was last night.
It’s gotten to the point where children make their parents go a head of them when they get to the Heilpern’s to “make sure it’s safe”. But even with these safe guards, Jason gets to scare lost of people. He does try to make sure not to scare the little ones and really gets a bigger kick out of scaring the adults and teenagers anyway.
This year he rigged a harness and hung himself from a tree (good thing his Dad wasn’t there) – he did forget to turn his cell phone off though so Mac and I both ruined a scare for him. He had loads of fun, which I cut short because I was tired of being at work and wanted to go home.
In the car we had an interesting conversation.
Me: Teenagers shouldn’t trick or treat.
Jason: Yes they should! Trick or treating is fun!
Me: After twelve they shouldn’t be allowed unless they are taking younger siblings around.
Jason: That’s not fair! At least until 16.
Me: 12
Jason: 15
Me: 12
Jason: 14?
Me: 12
Jason: That’s ridiculous! Jennifer is turning 13 and she still has fun!
Me: Well, if there are younger children to take around then they can still go- but trick or treating is for the little kids not scantily clad teenagers (if they dress up at all). At home once we finished our 12 year, we either took the littler kids around or answered the door, watched a movie and gave out the candy. Teenagers have parties to go to, little kids don’t. Trick or treating is for little kids.
Jason: that’s ridiculous.


Josh said...

how are you going to stop your 16 yr old?

not suggesting you can't. just wondering.

Terra said...

You have a point- If they really wanted to go then they would find a way. I don't remmeber any of us wanting to go that badly or it being an issue. As I tell Jason when he gets the "tickling look" for every action there is a reaction- just ask yourself if the reaction is worth the action.

katperkins said...

i stopped going when i was ten. it is the most ridiculous holiday by far. why go beg for candy when there is a big bowl of it at home?

Terra said...

I remember Katie going trick or treating! SHe lost interest about three houses down the street and then Mom and Dad would drive her drive way to drive way, while Megan I would keep on going. The trick was to never have a REALLY full container- people gave you more if they heard the candy hit the bottom. I don't really remember Katie enjoying gorging herself. Even at that age she was smarter than us :)