Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Last Saturday Shellie asked if I would temp for her in Singing Time (She’s the Primary Chorister) I said “no problem” and asked how long of a block of time I would be using she held up two fingers. I mistakenly thought, “Oh yeah, there is the younger and the older singing time. She said she would have a list of songs for me to use, which I guess she kind of did- she had a songbook for me to use anyway J

Jason was also supposed to help. He swears he doesn’t know any of the primary songs, even though his own mother was the primary chorister. I guess they just didn’t have him go because it was “embarrassing” to have your mother up front. All I remember when Mom was the chorister was that we never got picked for the games because we were her kids and she didn’t want to play favorites (instead she always picked Sarah for “singing nice and loud”).
Anyway everything went well- the kids were nice to us and played the game Shellie provided with out incident. Afterwards the pianist leaned over and said, “either Shellie really owes you or you really owed her”.
I owed her.
The best part came after church when the bishop spoke to Jason about what my interests are so he could think up a suitable calling for me.
Bishop: What was Terra’s last calling?
Jason: Nursery
B: How long ago was that?
J: Seven years ago.
(As a middle child I can “blend” with my surroundings at the drop of a hat- a necessary survival technique)
B: Oh.
B: What are some of the things Terra enjoys?
J: Shellie- she likes Shellie Kingaby, creative stuff, photography.
B: Ok, well thanks for the information!
Terra (after hearing about this conversation): Great know he knows I like Shellie and I filled in for her during Singing Time- perfect.

While I was sitting in the front during Closing time I was looking out in the crowd and wondered to myself- how many of these teachers are hopping that I get their calling?

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