Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I forgot to mention...
Jason and I went to our very first married couple party last week. There is a very nice lady that lives down the street from Shellie who Homeschools her little boy. Every year they put on a pot luck party and invite the neighborhood over. It was lots of fun, and Jason had a great time teasing Perrin (Shellie's little boy) and poking at the bon fire with a stick.
I also got to meet the South Eastern Region Survivor finalist!
Exciting, uh? He seemed very nice and told us that he got so far as being offered a contract but that after reading it he wouldn't sign.
I guess they think they own you or something. :)
Simon came in his BOOM THE THUNDER DRAGON mask (I'll try and get a picture) and scared Elliot so bad that I think he kicked Simon in the shin- he's been limping ever since anyway. There were sparklers (I always think of Uncle Brian when I see sparklers) and a lady brought the most scrumptious cheese cake!
After the party we went over to Shellie and Simons and watched Batman Begins.
Lovely night.


Mrs. K said...

Oh who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neigh—bor—hoo--ood? Who are the people in your neighborhood? They’re the people that you meet- when your walking down the street- they’re the people that you meet, each day!

(who knows far too many songs from sesame street)

Mary Ann said...

THat's actually from Mr. ROgers, but all the same, what a great way to be welcomed into the neighborhood.

Mrs. K said...

oops, you're right! I guess it is all beginning to blend together at this point.