Monday, June 05, 2006

Heard in Charlotte....

Today I was riding in the Heilperns car when Bro. Heilpern says: "I hope I don't offend you when I say I'm worried about you and Jason."

(We were annoyed with eachother the last time we were at his parents house-nothing big but...)

I replied "No it doesn't offend me- this is the second time today you've mentioned it. If I was going to get offended it would have probably been the first time you brought it up."

Bro. Heilpern: "Well I was kind of hoping it would help you open up to me."

Me: "Oh, I got the cue."

Bro. H: "well can I share a lesson I've learned?"

(This is what he really wanted anyway- it's easier to just let them tell their stories, even if you'de heard them multiple times before.)

and just so you know we were annoyed with eachother because before I left for Michigan I washed all the laundry...Jason and I have an agrement that one of us washes the laundry and the other folds and puts it away. Well Jason didn't put it away before his california trip and then forgot what was clean and dumped all the clothes on the floor mixing them with the dirty clothes as he sorted the lights and darks.
Then he picked out some of his clothes so that he could wash them while were at his parents house and he wanted me to help fold them and I didn't want to.
Why, yes it was.
Marriage threatening?
Probably not.


Dad said...

Well, what was the lesson he has learned? The lesson I have learned is Jason should just always remember to say, "I am sorry dear, I did not mean to do that, what can I do to make it up to you?" Just do not show this post to your mother!

Matthew said...

Since your bedroom has been covered in an 18-inch deep pile of clothing for at least the last seven years (possibly closer to 15), I find this particular point of matrimonial discord amusingly ironic.

Which story did the father-in-law tell to illustrate his marital advice?

Bonnie said...

Too late. I hope Bro Heilpern's advice was more sincere. I am sure I have never anything close to that in the 34 years we have been married.

Jason Heilpern said...

Matt dont ever ask what story my father tells. I have heard them all over 100 times and they never have anything to do with what you are talking about. Well maybe sometimes they have a round about similarity to the disscussion at hand.