Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Stake was split and we are now in the Gastonia Stake.
I don't really care who the Stake the President is- he's just soem guy whom I will hardly ever see and will probably be a bad speaker anyway.

The fun part of the news is that our new Bishop has now been called as the new 1st councelor. He's the first actually careing Bishop that I've had in years and now we get a new one- and as far as I can tell in my current pesamistic view there isn't much to choose from in my ward.

There is also the stupid fact that instead of driving 15 minutes to the current Stake center we now are supposed to drive 30-45 minutes to the Gastonia building.


Matthew said...

Maybe as 1st councilor he'll have a good impact. Being a 1st councilor myself, I like to stick up for the brand.

Terra said...

OH, I'm sure he will be great as 1st councelor- since he was great at being bishop- I'm just irked that he's not the bishop any longer

Dad said...

Now, now, Terra, you should not worry about who is bishop since you should not need to see the bishop anyway. As first councilor the youth should be blessed to have him directly overseeing their function. Think of all those lucky youth. If you want you could probably attend as a Laurel, no, you should try the Mia Maids.