Saturday, June 03, 2006

I sooo happy on Friday.
Because a nice man at the post office found my wedding contract book that I had accidently left there last Tuesday. I had gone to mail a CD at 4:30pm and didn't realize I had left it until 5:30pm, too late to go back and look for it. SO the next morning bright and early I went back and asked if they had seen it in Lost and Found.
No luck.

When I worked for UNCC it sometimes took a while for lost items to actually make it to Lost and Found - first they had to find it- then they had to turn it in to their supervisor- who then had to turn it in to the campus police- never happened in one shift.

So I went back the next day and asked again.
No luck.

By this time I'm sure someone has picked it and walked out with it- great. why would they want it? There was nothing in but paper.
To make my life harder that's why?

But on Friday a man called my cell phone and told me that they had found it and I could go by and pick it up.


On friday night, I broke a tooth. It doesn't hurt- this tooth already had a root canal so I don't feel any pain (physically). But it's just one more thing to worry about.


Matthew said...

That really great that you got your book back. Maybe you should go with electronic records. Scans and so forth. Anyway, glad things worked out.

Dad said...

I am glad you had your book returned. It is nice to not have a gap in your life isn't it?

Jonas said...

Should we ask how you broke your tooth?