Friday, June 02, 2006


Jessica and Jim arrived in Charlotte last night and quickly realized that ALL her luggage had not followed her to Charlotte. It's happened to her before so they called the lost luggage number and found out that the airline had no idea where her luggage was.

She was NOT happy- Charlotte was just a stop on her travels. She left for Pennsilvania this morning for her friends wedding and all her clothes were in that bag. Her dress for the wedding...her video camera...her digital presents...underwear...EVERYTHING!

They called me and asked if I could bring over some garmets for her and I looked through my closet for any clothing that might work for her- she's 2 inches shorter than I am and has short torso while I have a long one so I wasn't sure but thought any little bit helps.

They called the airline back and got the news that they knew where the luggage was and were putting it on the last flight to Charlotte and she would get it sometime in the night.
At the designated time she called them to make sure it made the flight and was told that the airline never actually found her luggage and still had no idea where it was.

Which found us at Wal-mart at 1am trying to find her SOMETHING to wear.

Then to add insult to ingury while she was washing what she had worn that day she put her cell phone through the wash.

And her luggage arrived at the Heilperns 2 hours after she left for Pennsilvania.


Dad said...

Traveling is such fun.

katperkins said...

You have a 24 hr Walmart? That's like every American's dream.

Matthew said...

Adapting to life lessons in Lebanon has given us great coping techniques for dealing with broken systems. For airplane travel, always take your basic necessities as a carry-on. Please call me on Saturday (when it's convenient for you).

megan said...

wearing someone elses underwear is gross!

Matthew said...

Yes, I highly agree with Megan, but the issue is so nasty I didn't want to address it.