Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I was a bit suprised...

I've been doing a bit of cleaning and odd jobs around the house today in an effort not to freak out about my Stat's final or worry about when Matt and "The Girls" will find a flight.
I dont' enjoy cleaning and so I put in the Harry Potter "The Chamber of Secrets" DVD for back ground noise.
I just realised that I have never actually seen the scene that has Harry and Malfoy deuling and malfoy conjures the snake.


I covered my ears and eyes in the theater because it looked like it wouldn't meet my extremely strict regulations on "non emotional" or whatever internal measuring system I use to ensure I am not exposed to what I deem uncomfortable.

Ever since then I have either left the room, covered my eyes and ears or fast forwarded the scene.
Yes, I've read the book-including the section that includes this scene. I've just never watched it.

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Dad said...

Terra is a sissy, Terra is a sissy. I still do not watch the section of the movie with all the spiders. I love fast forward and skip the scene options.