Monday, December 11, 2006

Last weekend

Like I posted earlier Megan and Isabella arrived earlier last week and due to my new job I can only go see them on the weekends.

On Friday my friend Shellie called to see if my tentative offer to judge a Speach and Debate tournament was still good.
While I had only told her that I THOUGHT I could she was pretty stressed that there wouln't be enough judges to hold the tournament. S&D events are run by teachers and volunteers so I can imagine that during the holiday season it's harder than normal to get a full roster.
The I found out that they (family) were going to pick out the "Perfect Christmas Tree" with Isabella and I really wanted to go with them.

But what about Shellie?

I called Jason and talked him into still going to judge while I went to Boone to play with Isabella. I didn't want Shellie out two judges and Jason doesn't like it when Isabella ignores him and/or runs away- it hurts his feelings.
Turns out she was pretty well set with judges and only needed Jason for one of four rounds but asked him to stay just in case things changed. He got a lot of work done on his chain mail shirt while he sat around.

I got to Boone and found out that last weekend was the weekend that Mom's graduation ceremony was happening and that she wasn't planning on walking so Megan and I talked her into it and ended up skipping church with Isabella to see her recieve her diploma. She had acted like it wasn'ta big deal but you could tell she was really happy she had walked and that we had come to cheer her on (have you ever had to try and cheer while trying to video tape or take pictures? Very hard.

I have started crocheting Isabella a strawberry hat and in fact had it almost finished when I realised I had made it much to large and had to start all over again- but it will be worth it, because she is soooo cute!


Matthew said...

Glad she had fun at her graduation. I look forward to pictures of the hat.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Bonnie. I'm glad you were there to support her.