Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yesterday I went to take my drug test for the airline.
I found the office building fine - had my form and I.D nothing wrong there, but the trouble started after they called my name...
I couldn't produce the required speciman. I tried three times and was there for two hours. I drank over 20oz. of water during that time and if I wasn't sure I was in good health I would be worrying about my kidneys right about now.
They said I could come back but I would have to go back to there airport and get a new form.
so I did, and drove back over to the drug testing site this morning. I took Matt's advise and drank a 2-oz. Dr. Pepper (he suggested a coke but they are nasty)- I got there but didn't feel like I was sure I could "produce" so I wasndered around wal-Mart for about 30 minutes. I still wasn't sure and I had an apointment for my visiting teachers to visit me so I went back home.
The visiting teachers hadn't shown after 30 minutes after the scheduled time and I had to pee.
I felt that giving them 30 minutes to call or show was ample so I left and took my test.
Everything went fine.
Jason told me that if I had been at his testing site that if you can't pee in 3 hours you are given an automatic positive result- which seems unfair to me, some people have trouble peeing on command. That doesn't mean they use drugs.


talktolebanon said...

I guess all those long drives in the car without being able to pee and needing to hold it have done permanent damage to your peeing system.

Jason Heilpern said...

Its not my rule it is the DOT rules on Drug Testing. And to date every person who has waited till the last possible minute drinking water the entire time (I assume to "water Down" their pee (Note:this does not actually work)) has been positive for drugs.

Melissa said...

I guess it's lucky for Terra that she is being held to the FAAs standards and not the DOTs! :)

Not that I know what the FAAs standards are!