Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All I want is a pizza

So my big fear is that one day I wake up and discover I'm fat. I've known several people who were thin years before but gain a lot of weight in the mean time. How did they not notice? If they did notice, why didn't they do someting before it got the the fat point?

Anyway, I wanted to get in a bit better shape and decided to introduce a better grip on what I eat and go running.

I am at that point of the month that what I want to eat is salty and fatty and a lot of it.

I think I'm ok with being fatt(er)


Matthew said...


Check it out on google images. I can make them =)

Mary Ann said...

I'll second that. Matthew's are fat-tastic.

Terra said...

I was feeling particularly fat after we took the girls swimming...turns out I bought a size small swimming bottom rather than the large I thought.

Liz said...

who are the people that got fat that don't seem to notice how it happened....Me thinks you are directing this post at me! Hey, at least I'm fat and happy...and Iknow where it came from...candy!!!