Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I saw the sun today...for a little while :)

It was my rest day in my marathon training program so naturally it was sunny outside.
I decided that since I wasn't going to take Grace running I should take her to the dog park and we had a lovely couple of hours. I thre the ball she chased it down- looked at it and ran back to me with out it...she also really enjoys going up to a dog, touching it with her nose and then taking off running so that they can chase her.

She LOVES to be chased. it actually reminds me of Isabella at a play ground going up to kinds and trying to start a game of tag- sooner or later someone chases her.

I also picked up some more coin collection folders and spent a lovely bit of time going though my coins and checking the dates and putting them in their little slots.
I love the look and feel of the silver coins. They're heavier than the current alloy coins and i really like to handle the liberty dimes dad gave me. I love the art work on them, and the liberty half dollar.
By going through my collection I realised that I had a real Silver dollar! which for some reason is really cool to me :)
I also have more of the presidential dollars that have been comming out than I thought I did. While I was picking up my folders I saw one that is for upcomming quaters that will feature state parks...I'm a little excited to see the designs although it also feels like the U.S mint is bleeding the State Quarter theme to death.
Oh well, at least there will be pretty pictures on them :)

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