Thursday, February 11, 2010

I went to Enrichment night last night in an effort to foster new relationships with the women in my ward. I was hopping that I might meet someone near my age, or with similar interests as myself that I might not have come across at church.

I didn't.

My ward seems to be consist of over weight middle age to older women who do not talk about anything but old people stuff and their childrens Pee Wee leagues.

I came home depressed.

plus I think I might have offended one of them but can't seem to care enough to check- it's not like we're going to be friends or anything.


Matthew said...

It can be quite hard when the ward is not a good social match. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't.

You should care if you offend someone independent of their potential value as a friend though.

Mary Ann said...

Too bad it wasn't a good experience.

Terra said...

She didn't act offended I just thought y coments had the potential to offend her. I would have gone up to appologise right then but seh was always in the middle of a conversation with someone.

What happened was the Relief Society Pres. asked if I ran that day and how far I ran. I answered that I had run 4 miles that day. The lady said that her life was too hectic to involve fitness and I quipped "if my dad can run while pushing my chunky niece then anybody can". it really didn't have any standing on whether or not she had time to run, but it could have offended her by my implication that I disagreed with her priorities.
and while I don't know what her responsabilities ARE I haven't actually met anyone who doesn't have 30 minutes for a walk or jog. Usually if you turn the TV off for 30 minutes you can find it pretty easy-and you don't even have to get up earlier.

Terra said...

I actually didn't think I would interact with her much in the future since I had never interacted with her in the past- and that had more to do with my reluctance to go to lengths than with whether or not we would be future BFF's.

Matthew said...

Ha! That's an awesome comment (and very true).