Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I swear I'm trying to get better at regularly updating my blog.
Baby steps...

My marathon training is going really well, better than I could expect really. Dispite my kidney stones aborted excape efforts I have only missed one training run which was a three mile run the day after my hospital visit. I had briefly thought about at least walking the distance just to log the miles, but ultimately I decided I would sit on the couch or sleep the day away.

My longest run was my 18 mile run last week and due to my miscalculation in my training it will have to be my longest. I was supposed to do a 20 mile run this comming weekend but I started my 12 week program 11 weeks from my race day. I sent my training program to Dad to look at because my taper run fell on my race day. (tapering is important) He told me to just cut out the 20 mile run and do two weeks of 15 miles.
On Wednesdays I've been running with a local running group and it's been really enjoyable. I run faster when I run with others due to my inability to pace myself- most of my runs are ran at a 10 minute per mile pace but with others I can do a much faster pace. Plus it's just nice to be with people who don't think I'm some kind of weird freak for enjoying running. It might come as a bit of a suprise to all of you (Matt) that I don't make friends very easily and my interests don't seem to be very mainstream.
I was talking to Lissa Wilkinson who will be running a 1/2 marathon while I run the full and I'm wondering if I have sold myself short on my desired pace on race day. I was thinking a 10 minute pace which would put my running time at 4:30, but I read this book "Four Months to a Four Hour Marathon" and it seems pretty possible for me to do a four hour marathon.
I don't want to suck the fun out of the event in the pursuit though.
Desisions, desisions.

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Matthew said...

I say go easy(er). There will always be more marathons. Don't suck the fun out of it with too much self-competition. Yes, this is amusing coming from me.

OK, I admit it, this advice is supposed to sabotage you so you don't become as awesome as me. You should push yourself to within a millimeter of death with things that are supposed to be fun!