Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have it in my damp little palm...

I finally have it!

My Garmin Forerunner 305!
I can now know what my pace is at any given momment of running! As well as my heart rate and how far I've gone! It's amazing!!

I momment of thanks to Jason for entering into a bet he was destined to lose...if only because I make a point of not betting on anything less than a sure thing :)

I've been nursing a ingured IT band and have gotten a bit impatiant with "resting" it- so I think I will be joining my local running group tonight for their weekly 5 mile run.

It will be my first outing with my new toy :)

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amelia said...

Hi Terra! I left this comment on my blog for you too, but just in case you don't see time you're at Brickyard, we'll have to stop and talk :) YOU WILL LOVE RAGNAR, I went to a Ragnar training seminar Saturday and the Ragnar employee said that, out of all the Ragnar races (there's like 12 now), Washington was his favorite one because it's so beautiful. Didn't you run the Salt Lake Half Marathon with Liz? He also said that training for a Ragnar is like training for a half marathon. Ragnar has a detailed training schedule online - if you go to their web page, click on your race on the pull down menu, then hit training on the left-hand side, they have training programs for "novice" and "intermediate." Most everyone on our team stuck with the "novice" schedule, and we had no major injuries. The one I did in 2005, I just ran like 2 miles a day, longer on Saturdays, thinking I was fine. I was so unprepared. Make sure you incorporate hill workouts. AND, probably the most vital, try running 2-3 times a day once a week (Ragnar's training schedule puts hills and multi-run days on there). GOOD LUCK!