Tuesday, May 04, 2010

baby steps

last night our friend Eve came over with her dog Zerg to hang out and to help Grace work on her bratty behaviour problems.

Zerg is a submissive Pit Bull, who is adorable! She has the brightest eyes and most friendly manner to just about everyone she meets. I've never seen her not be friendly to person or dog- she does like people better than dogs though, she just doesn't seem to have a use for other dogs.

In any case Grace finds her offensive.
Not all the time but if we are in the apt. Zerg is dirt.

We've been working on re-assigning leadership rolls since for some reason Grace has decided that she needs to protect me particularly but sometimes Jason as well. If she isn't protecting me for me then she thinks I'm hers and she's not willing to share.

Unacceptable either way.

last night was actually a really good night. Grace wasn't a total brat the entire visit, although she was the best when she was laying down in the "relax" position.
Which was easier to acheive than it has been in the past.



Matthew said...

One of these days, we'll need to have a chat about how to decode animal body language.

Terra said...

luckily it seems easier than talking to some humans out there ;)