Monday, August 16, 2010


Today I watched the documentary No Impact Man.

The premis is a family in New York lives for one year with out creating a carbon imact. They implemented this change in phases and it included living without electricity and toilet paper. (they used re-useable rags).

In the Seattle area the "Earth Friendly" crowd is big. Lots of signage dedicated to recycling and the like. Loads of bikers and I actually see people walking to the store and using re-usable bags.

I've thought about getting a bike of Craigslist in order to use it for my local errends. I kind of hate biking makes my butt hurt. Which would probalby change if I actually biked. Most of my trips are under 5 miles so it just seems like a waste to continue using the car for all these little trips (even though I try and combine them).

I don't know...I've been feeling kind of disconected between my consumerism and environmental efforts.
I think that reduction is probably has the best return vs. effort plus it kind of takes care ot the whole "living outside your means" issue that people have. I try and recycle (Jason doesn't seem to think it's worth the effort, or he's just not used to recycling due to a different upbringing) He also HATES to not use the dishwasher. I find using it for two people kind of lazy and a waste of water. But if I want him to clean the kitchen then I need to be OK with the fact that I KNOW he will be using that dishwasher. I also see so much waste that I feel like what I do is such a drop in the bucket it's hard to think it makes a difference.

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