Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blessing Dress

After deciding to sew a dress that is past my skill the first order of business was googling a bunch of photos of other dresses that were past my skill level.

you know, for insperation.


I did find several that I liked and wish I had the time and skill to create but as the old saying goes "if wishes were horses beggers would ride".

Any Who...
I've bought a christening dress patter for sizing but am pretty sure I can modify it as I deem fit. or not, really there are only two options here. Either it will work or it won't so no pressure.

Here are a few of the photo examples of what I'm thinking of.

Clearly this is something I have the skill to reproduce:)


Bonnie said...

You need to find a store that specializes in heirloom lace. Probably one of the fancy sewing machine shops. It can get pretty pricey but they can also tell you how to sew with it. You may want to look for some books on Heirloom sewing. There are people who specialize in it.

Terra said...

What I was thinking was leaving off the lace collar as well as the extra lace panel that is attached to the center panel.
The main reason i want to make a blessing dress is so I can learn how to do cut thread embriodery without ending up with a doily.

Bonnie said...

That sounds like a really cool project. It might be more fun to without the pressure of a particular baby and a particular date. Let God help you find the baby who should wear it when it is finished.