Saturday, March 19, 2011

more stuff

I went to the library the other day and got a bunch of new books out...I've decided that I want to make a baby blessing dress and decorate it with the Hardanger embroidery technique.

No I don't know how to do it...YET!
But don't worry I checked out books, so no problem right?

One problem I faced was who would the luck recipient be? I mean I know people are just lining up to receive the random stuff I make, right? Everyone seems to be knocked up these days so I shouldn't have a shortage of kidoodles to choose'd think.

Blessing/Christening gowns are such a personal item. A lot of families have something traditional already picked out OR the Mother of one of the pre-parents will often gift a special outfit. I figure Jessica will have her mother sew the outfit. Jason's friends David and Marisol are having twin girls but I suspect that Marisol will have particular plans for dressing up her new dolls. I can't get one done in time for Skye, plus I'm betting Aunt Brenda will make one. I haven't heard what the plan is/was for Becca's latest. For all I know she's already gotten the munchkin blessed. Sarah already has her outfit (plus I want to do a dress not a suit and she has a boy) Katherine also has a boy and I bet some kind of traditional outfit that is in the family.

But as luck would have it Jason has another friend who is expecting! John and Pam, and apparently they haven't picked anything out and don't' expect to be gifted by a family member!

So now that the big question has been answered (for those who couldn't keep up..."who would I give it too?") All I have left to do is sew a baby dress and embellish it using a technique I've never done or tried before!

Easy Peasy!


Bonnie said...

Rebecca and Megan's girls were blessed wearing the dress that their mothers wore.

Bonnie said...

Oh and Inara has not been blessed yet. I think they are planning for May.

Terra said...

Yeah, I knew that the family dress was being used for any of the Perkins families.
is it late may or early may? not that I can make it either way what with all the other things going on this year but at leas I could TRY to get a present or something out around the right time.