Sunday, March 13, 2011


I decided I wanted to compost...because I'm cool like that:)
First I needed a container...Then I drilled holes all over for ventilation ('cause worms gotta breath too!) plus there is a drainage issue.

Then I needed worms. According to Google, special compost worms (red worms) not just ordinary worms.

Turns out a guy down my street sells them.

And they like to cuddle:)

When they cuddle they make worm eggs! I never knew worms had eggs, so I asked the guy to show me one...Tada!


Matthew said...

Worms are such odd creatures. I wonder how they avoid drowning in WA?

Terra said...

That's actually a good point. I really haven't seen that many drowned worms after it rains...They might just burrow deeper when it rains. MY worms have drainage holes, and I'm supposed to monitor the moister level in the bin.